Breathing Light

Light fading in and out, the breathing light guides your way in the dark night with the simply elegant style.

Timer Off

Think you will forget to turn off your lights? No worries! CoolTouch has intergrated timer in the switches. By just holding your finger while turning the lights on, the LED will indicate the duration of timer you want, 2 minutes, 10 minutes and 30 minutes.

Smart Dual / Multiple Control

With high-technology circuit design, all the CoolTouch switch can be controlled multiple ways just like the convention 2-way switch. The conventional wiring is supported, so CoolTouch can be replaced your old switch and functions as the same but with more styles.

Arc Notch Surface

Our patented arc notch design makes touching them not just so comfortable and beautiful but also let you do blind operation so easy.

Highest Quality, Gorgeous Design

With premium grade materials imported from Germany and US, you will never look back to other swtiches again. Design is still in our minds, we ensure that the design is simply elegant but will be perpetual.


With the whole surface covered with glass and 3 more level of isolations of strong and weak electricity ensures your safety of operating CoolTouch switch with wet hand.

Wi-Fi Model

Wi-Fi model is also available, CoolTouch can provide more than enough with this future-proof switch for your home. With Wi-Fi connectivity, the switch can be controlled from a smartphone with the dedicated app, designed with simple user interface but still contained with so many features.